Small-Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction

Terra Energy Group provides small- scale, natural gas liquefaction services that can be used in flare-gas capture activities and in sourcing fuel for other natural gas applications.


We are committed to helping companies better use available natural gas resources to achieve improved economic and environmental benefits.


We have successfully assisted in the reduction of natural gas flaring by capturing flare gas and liquefying the stream to produce LNG that can then be transported and utilized as a fuel.


Our model can be used in other areas with natural gas fueling needs to reduce freight costs and provide a more stabile source of LNG supply.

LNG Fuel Sales, Logistics and Vaporization Services

Terra Energy Group is an experienced distributor of Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel for power generation, hydraulic fractionation, and transportation.


With a background in diesel and gasoline logistics and transportation, and both wholesale and retail distribution, Terra Energy Group's goal is to make the distribution and sale of LNG similar to the distribution and sale of more traditional petroleum products.


Project Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services

Terra Energy Group can assist in the planning, design, procurement, and execution of any natural gas liquefaction or re-gasification project.


Our founders have pioneered efforts in the development and construction of some of the most advanced retail LNG fueling stations, LNG truck loading facilities, and mobile LNG fueling applications implemented in operation today.



Terra Energy Group has roots in midstream and downstream liquid energy and natural gas trading, logistics and distribution. Its partners are experienced in designing, permitting, constructing, and operating assets utilized in the trading, transportation, and transfer of crude oil, refined petroleum products and liquefied natural gas.




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